Artemis Distribution

Our Mission.

Artemis Distribution helps beauty device manufacturers bring their amazing products to the U.S. market. We provide advice through a network of experts on regulatory approvals, consult on the best brand and marketing approach, build out sales teams and provide technical support. We partner with you to provide innovative financing solutions, including options where new retail partners can put no money down but still get you paid for your device. By using this integrated approach we have exceeded sales of 1,000 units within the first 2 years of a new product launch.

We’ll start with a plan to launch your product in the U.S.

We will meet with you to discuss and finalize the plan based on your requirements and what will give us the best chance of success in the U.S. market.

How we invest in you.
Launch planning.

We’ll start with a plan to launch your product in the U.S.

This will include:

  • Regulatory strategy
  • Brand & Trademark strategy
  • Marketing launch plan
  • Sales hiring and training plan
  • Partner training centers and quality control
  • Technical support process
  • Finance options for retail partners and how you will be paid for your devices
  • Product feedback process

We will meet with you to discuss and finalize the plan based on your requirements and what will give us the best chance of success in the U.S. market.

Launch planning for cryoskin and Endosphères Manufacturers

Training and accreditation is a critical part of the success of your product. We have invested in an online learning system that ensures our technicians are taken through the theory in a consistent and rigorous manner.

We then have 14 approved training centers across the U.S. All our trainers are technicians who have been accredited by our master trainers on how to train other technicians on your product with a focus on the practical application of your device. This ensures consistent quality across all technicians in the use of your device and the results it achieves.

Woman doing Training for Cryoskin and Endosphères Manufacturers
Regulatory support.

Regulations for beauty or medical devices in the U.S. are complex. We will bring in a team of experts to help you decide the best strategy for you. Our attorney team brings together legal firms with deep expertise in the FDA, trademarks, intellectual property, healthcare and corporate law

 Regulatory Support for cryoskin and Endosphères Manufacturers Regulatory Support Logo WZMP Regulatory Support for cryoskin and Endosphères logo Pillsbury Manufacturers
Tech support.

Our technical support team provides first line support for device issues via phone and email.

Second line support is provided by a more technical team over FaceTime or phone.

Third line support is provided at client sites by a network of engineers located all over the U.S.

Our service level agreements for support aim to resolve first and second line issues within 2 hours and third line issues within 48 hours. If our partners have an issue which cannot be resolved within 48 hours, we will overnight a spare device and arrange the collection of the broken device. These services allow our manufacturer partners to maintain a good reputation by ensuring their products are operational and making retail partners money for as much time as possible.

We also have a Business Success team who are tasked with the retention and growth of our professional partners by helping them increase their business profitability

Tech support installation of machines for cryoskin and Endosphères Manufacturers

The brand behind your product represents everything connected to the quality and workmanship you have put into the product design and engineering. We start with a review of your current brand assets (trademarks, font, colors, original photography and the core tenants of what your company is about).

Depending on the amount of work you have already done in this area, we will create proposals for the creation of the following assets, options for payment & ownership of this work : product name, brand book, logo, fonts, colors, photography guide, original photography etc.

Once we have confirmed the look and key assets of the brand we need to come up with communications for the marketplace.

These include 2 main areas:

  • Business to business marketing - These materials are used by our sales teams to introduce your product to beauty and medical professionals, which include emails, social media messages, a one-page summary, a brochure, a manual and a training guide.
  • Business to consumer marketing - We provide our partners with materials to promote the products to their customers. These include monthly social media content, series of emails, email newsletters, trifolds, posters and consumer brochures. For our Cryoskin product line we have over 2,000 pieces of content available for retailers to use to promote the product to their audience.
Marketing example to advertise for cryoskin and Endosphères Manufacturers

We have established sales teams, training programs and systems for helping you get to market as quickly as possible.

  • Sales teams - Each product has a sales team allocated to bring the product to market. We also have cross-sell teams which will introduce your product to our existing client base of over 1,500 retailers in the U.S.
  • Sales training program - We create a sales training program for your approval. We use this to induct and train new sales reps about your product and provide the sales techniques to introduce the product to the market.
  • Systems - We use modern techniques to generate the highest volume of sales include a salesforce CRM with over 100.000 target customers (incl. beauticians, chiropractors, dermatologists, medspas, cryotherapy centers, day spas, hotel spas, gyms and hair salons), use of sales automation tools and an online community support portal
Sales help for cryoskin and Endosphères Manufacturers using salesforce

One of the primary reasons for our success is flexible pricing options for our retail partners. We carry the risk of revenue so manufacturer partners don’t have to, regardless of if our end clients are rental or purchase.

Pricing options:

  1. Rental - We pay you in full for the device, partners rent from us on a subscription basis
  2. Purchase - We pay you in full for the device, partners can purchase the device from us
  3. Finance - We pay you in full for the device, partners connect with Brickhouse finance to receive competitive finance solutions (from 7% APR depending on credit score)"
Woman showing peace of mind with Financing for cryoskin and Endosphères Manufacturers
Launch for cryoskin and Endosphères Manufacturers
Our products.
Endosphères Logo

Artemis began working with Pagani who manufacture Cryoskin in November 2017. Pagani are based in Italy and have been manufacturing devices for the beauty and healthcare industry since 1947.We designed the brand assets, all of the marketing material and built out a 10 person sales team from scratch. We also created 2,000 pieces of content for our retail partners to use to promote Cryoskin.

The Cryoskin 3.0 is a non-invasive beauty device which utilises the application of heat and cold to reduce excess fat and skin imperfections. This device can be used on both body and face. The treatments are applied through a manual massage technique, and generally run 20-40 minutes depending on treatment type. The Cryoskin 3.0 offers 18 treatment presets which have been clinically tested for safety and efficacy.

As a result of this work we sold over 1,000 units for Cryoskin in the first 2 years.


We recently began work with Fenix, another Italian manufacturer, to bring their amazing Endosphères technology to the U.S.

We tested the efficacy of this product in our training location in New York. We then did initial sales testing at our retail location in New York City ( Finally, we rolled out this testing to 10 test locations to determine the best marketing and pricing approach for end customers.

With the data we collected, we decided to promote this product as a new category of devices that we have defined as “Accelerated Drainage”. This category creation approach allows us to focus on the customer and their issues instead of just promoting a product. In this case the issue is that clients need better lymphatic drainage. As Endosphères gets to the cause of the issue (drainage) and not just the symptom (e.g. Cellulite), we used this as an opportunity to start building a new category.

Based on the success of this testing we began taking orders for Endosphères and we expect to sell a similar volume to Cryoskin.

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